Anahata’s engineers specialize in the development of enterprise software applications built on top of a relational SQL database.

With the aid of open standards such as SQL, JDBC and JPA, our database systems are compatible with a number of open source as well as commercial databases.

Some of the most popular open source SQL compliant databases are:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

And these are some of the most popular commercial database systems:

  • Oracle Database
  • IBM DB/2
  • Microsoft Sql Server

One of Anahata’s technology choice principles is to reduce the total number of 3rd party vendors in any solution developed by Anahata (this is just to reduce the chances of the typical blame game scenario between 3rd party vendors when direct support from the underlying vendor is required). For this reason, as Oracle Partner’s our default choice for an open source database management system is most often the community edition of the MySQL database.

How can a database system benefit my business?

With a custom built database system, your business can have any business related information on a centralized database which can act as a single point of truth for managing operations as well as gaining insights through real time reporting and analytics.

Can it be hosted on the cloud or does it have to be hosted on on premise?

Our database systems can be hosted on:

  • On a datacenter (cloud) through:
    • A physical server on an australian or overseas datacenter.
    • A Virtual Private Server on an australian or overseas datacenter.
    • A Virtual Dedicated Server on an australian or overseas datacenter.
    • A cloud based PaaS (Platform As A Service) such as the Oracle Cloud.
  • On premises at customer’s infrastructure:
    • On an existing physical server.
    • On a virtual server